Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cost Effective Leak Detection (HD-LDF-C)

Our flagship product, Heavy Duty Leak Detection Fluid Concentrate (HD-LDF-C) continues to grow and is fast becoming the go-to solution for gas leak detection within industry.
One area where we’re excited about HD-LDF’s growth is as a part of a business’s cost cutting initiative. Here’s why: we don’t increase our product’s cost to fund expensive marketing campaigns. Our product is a concentrate.  It can be shipped in quantities as small as one 16 oz bottle, or in quantities as large as 55 gallon drums for industrial application.
If you manage an industrial operation and are tasked with cost reduction initiatives, but yet you need to quickly and accurately detect gas leaks, give HD-LDF-C a look.
LDF_1_bottleLDF 55 gal drum
No matter the quantity of HD-LDF you need, we help with spend reduction. 
  • We don’t waste your money on marketing campaigns.  We’re the real deal.  We know we’re the best product out there, our customers know it, and that’s all the matters to us.
  • Our product is easily diluted to meet your specific needs on-site. 
  • That means you’re not paying to ship extra water.
  • Easily prevent yourself from using a formula that is too thin to detect leaks in your situation.
  • Avoid using an overly concentrated product; you won’t detect leaks any more effectively and you’ll be wasting valuable fluid with each application.
Heavy Duty Leak Detection Fluid Concentrate allows you to effectively reduce your Total Cost of Operation (TCO).
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