Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Customer compares new high tech HD-LDF™ and Snoop®

One of our industrial customers, based in Utah, buys Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid from us by the 55 gallon drum. We send it to him pre-diluted and ready to use in a 4:1 dilution. That’s our stronger formulation which is perfect for tackling tough jobs, very slow leaks, and difficult surfaces or angles.

We worked closely with this customer to determine that this dilution would be best for them. They like the more viscous solution blend because it covers large areas, for example over a large flange, and therefore gives more reliable results.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

What product did you use for leak detection prior to HD-LDF?
We were using Snoop, available from Grainger, prior to discovering HD-LDF.

Have you tried methods of leak detection other than thin film testing?
We have tried a sonic tester, but our building/facility is too loud for that to work very well.

How do you apply the leak detection fluid in your facility?

We use a 32 oz squeeze bottle, like this one, to apply our leak detection fluid to areas suspected of having a gas leak. They’re technically called “wash bottles” and are available for sale through Grainger, here.

We've tried regular pump spray bottles (the type of bottle something like Windex comes in), but they do not work at all for our application. They create bubbles as you spray and do not give a good coating or fill up the flange gap we are checking.

Tell us a little bit more about the application process, and what a gas leak looked like for you.

We pressurize our systems with both air and Argon, depending on where we are in our process.

Bubbles form around the site of a gas leak within seconds, or up to 1-2 minutes for very small leaks to create enough foam to be easily visible. Large leaks create large bubbles, small leaks create small bubbles, and tiny leaks create foam.


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