Thursday, October 13, 2011

The best method for locating industrial gas leaks

One of the easiest and most accurate methods of locating leaks is called Thin Film Leak Testing.

About Thin Film Leak Testing
This method of testing is very accurate and cost effective. Here's why: Thin Film Leak Testing does not require extensive operator training, does not involve expensive equipment that requires maintenance and calibration, provides immediate results and is extremely sensitive. It's able to detect very small leaks; as small as 7 milliliters per year can be accurately identified with a high tech professional grade leak detection fluid.

What makes a good product?
The most important characteristic in determining a quality formula for use in leak detection applications is viscosity. A viscous fluid is sticky and adhesive, which allows it to remain on the surface and facilitate the formulation of bubbles.

Viscous is good, but thick is bad because it will inhibit the formation of bubbles. The ideal leak detection product should be viscous but not thick, forming a thin layer of clingy soapy solution, even on vertical surfaces or slippery materials. This enables the easy formation of bubbles, which is the most foolproof way of identifying a gas leak.

HD Leak Detection Fluid Concentrate™ is available at $9.99 for one 16 fluid ounce container. HD-LDF-C is a concentrate. Each bottle makes one gallon. Dilute with water.

HD-LDF-C is non-toxic, non-flammable, freeze protected and freeze thaw stable. HD-LDF-C does not contain free amine, chlorine or ammonia. HD-LDF-C is made in the USA.

Order now at our online store. Or, if you are a distributor, dealer, retailer or other re-seller, request access to our private product catalog.

Purchase Orders:
1) Fax Purchase Order: 866-255-0476
2) Email Purchase Order: info .at. leak detection fluid .dot. com
3) Call: 612-419-2923

Save time, save money and get the job done right the first time with HD-LDF-C.
“If you can’t find a leak with this stuff, you don’t have one.”


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