Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Viscosity Test: Snoop vs. HD Leak Detection Fluid

Viscosity is another extremely important characteristic in a high tech leak detection fluid. Watch the next two videos (they’re only 10 seconds each) and you will be able to see what viscosity is!

The first video shows you how Snoop pours from a small beaker. If you watch closely, Snoop pours like water; drip, drip, and drip. Water is not a viscous liquid and neither is Snoop.

Heavy-Duty Leak Detection Fluid has more viscosity than Snoop and enhances contact time to provide a more reliable and accurate read. The next video demonstrates this characteristic when we pour HD-LDF from the same small beaker. Notice how each drop is elongated, drawn out with the entire focal length of the video camera being taken up by the long, viscous drop. Now that’s an excellent example of a viscous solution! HD-LDF-C resists flow much better than Snoop so it will do a better job of detecting leaks in difficult places.

So far, we have established the following when comparing HD-LDF-C to Snoop:
  • HD-LDF-C bubbles last 10 times longer than Snoop
  • HD-LDF-C is a much more viscous solution as compare to Snoop.

Next time we'll talk about price!

HD Leak Detection Fluid Concentrate™ is available at $9.99 for one 16 fluid ounce container. HD-LDF-C is a concentrate. Each bottle makes one gallon. Dilute with water.

HD-LDF-C is non-toxic, non-flammable, freeze protected and freeze thaw stable. HD-LDF-C does not contain free amine, chlorine or ammonia. HD-LDF-C is made in the USA.

Order now: Online Store. Or, if you are a distributor, dealer, retailer or other re-seller, request access to our private product catalog.

Purchase Orders:

1) Fax Purchase Order: 866-255-0476
2) Email Purchase Order: info .at. leak detection fluid .dot. com
3) Call: 612-419-2923

Save time, save money and get the job done right the first time with HD-LDF-C.
“If you can’t find a leak with this stuff, you don’t have one.”


  1. Such fluids are very important to detect leaks. leak detection is very difficult to detect and it is very essential that they should be detected on time so that water resources can be conserved.


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